tixxt.com has arrived! mixxt Small Communities will be discontinued at the end of 2015

A lot has happened in the last seven years. We have become rather unhappy with our own mixxt Small Communities product. Technology has made huge leaps and users expect much more from a web service. That is why we have decided to start from scratch and develop a completely new product. This decision was not an easy one to make. But it is the only way to be able to offer you a high-end service with an enchanting user experience and up-to-date features.

tixxt is much faster and more fun

Our new product tixxt changes everything we were missing in our old mixxt Small Communities. We are mobile, over 50% of the activity on the web happens on mobile devices. That is why tixxt works great on smartphones and tablets. It is much clearer, tidier, faster, easier and is a lot more fun to use. There are a few restrictions on customising your own layouts, but for that you get a very clean network with a great experience. And the App and Page creator let you create your own modules and apps.

You will need an email address with your own Domain to use tixxt. You can not use email addresses from free email providers such as Gmail or Yahoo!.

tixxt ist only free for up to 10 Users

We also had to change the pricing of our new service. You can only use it for free with up to 10 users. This free version lets you try out tixxt with no hassle and for as long as you wish. You don't even have to enter your payment details. Sadly we can not support free, large community sites any more. If you want to run your own community, you can use our "Social Extrenet" plan which starts at € 40 per month.

Promotional pricing for social causes, education and some clubs

Social causes, non-commercial educational networks for schools and universities can apply for our promotional partly sponsored pricing. We call this our "TESP" programme, which is an acronym for "tixxt for education and social programme". There is a certain amount of such TESP promotions available. If your application is accepted mixxt will provide you with a fully-featured tixxt network (Social Extranet Business) including 200 users for a mere € 20 per month as a flat fee. Compared to the usual tixxt pricing this resembles a reduction of 88%-91%. How do you apply for the TESP programme? Please try out the free version of tixxt and then contact support@mixxt.de if you are good to go. In most cases we can change your Subdomain.

tixxt.com in German only, English coming soon

The first version of tixxt.com is in German only - "Entschuldigung!" = sorry!. We are working on the English translation and we will try and have it up and running soon. Please stay tuned. We will update this post here as well as send an email to all creators on mixxt Small Communities.

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